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    is the driving force


    With the first modular E-Drive system, we want to shape the future development of e-mobility. Thanks to the compatibility of our modular e-bike components we provide highest flexibility for designers and engineers of e-bikes. With Marquardt components, we offer the preconditions for economic e-bike concepts of tomorrow.


    High level of integration and outstanding user-friendliness were key objectives in the development of our components. The systems capability begins with the central control unit and reaches from motor, sensor, battery, and chargers to the control unit and display. The software for the alignment of the components was also developed by Marquardt. All products can be combined freely and adapted to customer requirements.

    Evolve together.

    We are the manufacturer, but at the same time we are a competent development partner for anyone who wants to successfully position themselves with their e-bikes in one of the most exciting markets of the future. For projects with a corresponding perspective, the Marquardt name also stands for optimal, customised solutions in the area of e-mobility. Even though, as a mechatronics specialist, we have evolved into a world market leader in the power tool and automotive industry in recent decades, every component of our E-Drive system is a newly developed product tailored to the bike industry.

    Systems for e-mountainbikes


    Serial production
    hill start assist.

    The e-mountainbike is the category with currently the fastest growth, not only in terms of consumer acceptance, but also in technical performance. Manufacturers, who rely on their own independent developments in this area, are ideally equipped with the Marquardt components for future requirements.

    Powerful motors in combination with a variety of modular operating units and displays, as well as the ground-breaking battery frame integration and the hill start assist, are the toolbox of choice for innovative bike designers around the world.

    Systems for the city


    With the
    of tomorrow.

    The development of pedelecs for the urban landscape is moving more and more in the direction of lifestyle and design, with independent concepts, which fully integrate the battery into the bike design.

    This is where, due to its high flexibility, Marquardt offers itself as a development partner. Furthermore, with our displays, we already offer full connectivity to smartphones.

    Systems for cargo bikes


    The excellent
    drive system concept.

    The Marquardt offers provides the necessary prerequisite for the design of individual concepts, tailor-made for the respective private or commercial target group, especially for the rapidly growing market of cargo bikes.

    As a special feature, our system offers all-wheel drives. In addition, many integration options are available for the battery. In the commercial sector, the connectivity of our displays offers the prerequisite for intelligent fleet management.

    Systems for fatbikes


    With all-wheel drive
    in new terrain.

    The terrain of fatbikes begins where mountain bikes are no longer a viable option. And with a Marquardt all-wheel drive, the off-road playground is limitless. The control of an all-wheel drive is a challenge for the system. The drives on both axes, after all, must be synchronised in such a way that optimum traction is provided in every situation.

    In conjunction with the central control unit, the sensitive and reliable sensors ensure an exact reaction of the electric motors. The torque detection of both pedals works with the highest measuring accuracy. All sensors are self-calibrating and wear-free. The result: superior torque combined with optimum traction and acceleration.


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