The components: Individial. Compatible. Modular.

    We develop every single e-drive component with our own systems capability to guarantee modularity and compatibility right from the start. For our customers, this means maximum freedom of design. This customer orientation has made us one of the world's leading mechatronics specialists in the automotive industry.

    Operating components (HMI)

    Display premium

    • Full color TFT display (3.5 in.)
    • Integrated operating keys
    • Stand-alone function due to integrated battery
    • Smartphone app support
    • Excellent readability in sunlight
    • Automatic headlights
    • Adaptive display illumination
    • Protection type IP 65
    • Optional with handlebar holder

    Control Unit Comfort and Comfort Plus

    • Display for support level and state of charge
    • Automatic headlights
    • Integrated dot-matrix display
    • Excellent readability in sunlight
    • Joystick Control
    • Scoop function
    • Protection type IP 65
    • Smartphone app support


    E-bike battery

    • Octagon-shaped battery pack for a more solid, durable tube
    • Capacities of 504 Wh, 630 Wh or 655 Wh
    • Battery management system with 3-Level protection, including cell-voltage control, over-current protection and temperature control
    • Minimal self-discharge ensures long service life
    • Status and SOC (state of charge)
    • Integrated ABUS-Lock
    • Magnetic plug (Rosenberger)
    • With user-friendly charger in a compact design


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