Cutting-edge technology for a future market

    Are economic e-bike designs pie in the sky? Not at Marquardt! Even today it is an important market. With its innovative e-drive systems, Marquardt pushes environmentally-friendly mobility solutions a significant step further. Each display, battery, sensor or motor is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the bicycle industry. We keep a constant dialog with designers, technicians and product managers in this fast-growing industry. We developed a modular system with a multitude of compatible components, which can be customized as an individual complete solution. Different drive types such as hub and mid-engines or all-wheel drive permit various e-mobility applications, from the increasingly popular mountain bike with standard uphill starting aid to the connective pedelec and the progressive load wheel – including riding fun and safety!

    E-bike components

    1. Batteries
    2. Operating Components
    Our high level of systems capability is the key to customer-specific bike concepts in all categories of e-mobility.



    The new BMW Motorrad X2City

    The new BMW Motorrad X2City adds another fresh look to the segment of emissions-free mobility on two wheels at the BMW Group.

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