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     “T” is for Talent and Training. Marquardt offers university graduates the best-possible start to their career with a trainee program designed to bring out their best. As they work to get to know every aspect of the company, our trainees take on multiple responsibilities and are even given the opportunity to work abroad. Dedicated support from experienced colleagues, as well as targeted training for complex tasks, give participants the chance to implement and develop their skills and talent to the best of their abilities at Marquardt. Applicants with a bachelor’s or master’s degree can choose between a general process-oriented program and a specialist trainee program.


    Wanted: creative graduates! Marquardt’s trainee program focuses on university or college graduates with a bachelor’s or master’s degrees. They should have above-average grades and a background in challenging research work and practical placements. The program begins on October 1st for a duration of 15 months.  


    The trainee program consists of specialized or foreign-language work placements in Germany and overseas, lasting several months and ending with a three-month placement in the department in which the trainee will be posted as a permanent member of the team.

    Mentoring and coaching

    Every Marquardt trainee has a mentor from a specific department, as well as a trainee program sponsor who acts as the trainee’s primary contact and encourages their professional and personal development.

    Soft skills and specialist training

    Methodological & communicative skills work hand-in-hand with specialized knowledge in order to reflect a productive, professional lifestyle. The trainees receive additional training in project management, communication, conflict management and much more.

    Social engagement

    Instilling tact and diplomacy is important to us, so our trainees work on developing their social skills within their in-house practical placements and in a one-week placement with a social organization of their choice.


    Stronger together. Each class of trainees works together on a team project relevant to the company. The final product is then presented to the management board.

    Collaboration in production

    It is important to us that all staff members, including those from non-technical fields, are familiar with our products and how they are produced. Our trainees spend two weeks with our production department.

    Marquardt does a lot to develop trainees, not just professionally, but personally too. The high point for me so far has been my three-month placement at Marquardt China in Shanghai. At the moment, I’m working with other trainees on a pilot project, and this involves interaction with management on a daily basis. At Marquardt, there are great networking opportunities.

    Max Riedlinger Trainee

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