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Have you ever imagined being part of a team that leads the world in innovation, quality and service? If your answer is yes, consider Marquardt Switches Inc., a global leader in the field of electronic switches, controls and switching systems for automobiles, power tools, household appliances and industrial applications. Since 1925, Marquardt has been growing, innovating, and enhancing the experience of operating automobiles and appliances all over the globe. We remain committed to creating and producing quality products and processes for some of the most renowned companies in their industry. How do we stay committed? Well, that is where you come in.

Our employees are our most valued assets. What is commonplace today, the flip of a switch or the push of a button, would not have been possible without the efforts and talents of over 8,500 employees operating in 14 locations globally. We attribute our success to our ability to recruit, hire, and maintain a happy and productive work force. We appreciate having enthusiastic employees who are eager to be a part of Marquardt. It is not just coincidence that our employees are eager to be here. We offer our employees great opportunities from career growth and employee development to excellent benefits. There are no limitations on creating the future, and there are no limitations on all you can achieve as you embark on a career at Marquardt.

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